VOID Toggle
VOID is a fantasy-based, strategical card game I am/was developing, with the intention of launching as a small startup. There were three main aspects of development I was leading: creation of the rules and game mechanics, visual layout of materials, and art direction.
First and foremost I was working on creating the rules and interactions of the game. The game currently is in BETA version, having survived a wonky ALPHA and countless rounds of player testing, sports a comprehensive 60 page rule book, and features unique game mechanics that cannot be disclosed until launch.
Close behind was the layout of the materials: logo, branding, card layouts, etc. Much of this process involved making sure elements of the rules lined up correctly with the visual language. This process also involved many revisions, as it was difficult to properly implement the overall hierarchy. Obviously players want to enjoy the feature art on each card, however, from the perspective of the mechanics, the information needed to be at the forefront - since strategy games deal in an overwheleming amount of information- while also being easily and quickly parsed. To balance these elements, the final solution was a minimalistic yet analytical style, contrary to the common game design practice of over-saturation. The results so far have been successful, with BETA testers remarking on the ease of digesting on-card information, as when compared to rival card games.
The last element was art direction, as all of the materials feature intensive fantasy scenes that are beyond my drawing abilities. For this I worked with an artist who produced the work based on world building concepts I laid out. Our theme was to create a dark, cynical and yet curious world.