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creating a consistent visual language

Rutgers, School of Graduate Studies is part of one of the oldest schools in the country. While this is a benefit in areas such as the quality of its courses, it was starting to shows its age when it came to graphic design. Their biggest need was in its high volume of materials; everyday various departments would be sending out e-blasts, fliers, posters, postcards, brochures, presentations, etc. However, most of this work was being done in Microsoft word, with the aid of clip art. In terms of marketing, this was starting to dissuade potential students as competition - such as schools like Princeton - already had a refined approach to their marketing materials.

To solve this challenge, I created a unique style guide, as well as varying templates, with the potential to allow staff members - many of whom had limited design knowledge - to quickly create materials that would look professional and consistent. These guides also considered future designers by including sections for more complex layouts, that would allow for the creation of high polished pieces, that would still be on brand.

what i did
  • style guide Development
  • template Development
what i did