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making the go-to place for gamers

During the summer of 2017 I was approached by a small team based in Texas to create a logo and style guide for a restaurant they were proposing. Their vision was to create a hub for everything video games; from the menu items to interior design, everything was going to be built upon gaming culture. To reflect this, I customized a blocky 3D typeface reminiscent of fonts found in arcades, and paired it with an interchangeable icon system.

A mechanic found in many retro games are “breakable containers”. These are boxes, chests, or blocks that the player can destroy to reveal an item or power-up. Since the typeface I was using for the main wordmark had a blocky feel, the apostrophe in the mark looked as both an apostrophe and a game block. Playing with the video game mechanic I just mentioned, I constructed a set of icons that could look as if they were appearing out of the block apostrophe. This combination of wordmark and icon instantly reads as “gaming”, yet is still unique enough to only be identified as Kappa’s.

what i did
  • brand development
  • Creative Consulting
what i did